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The Habitual Dreamers Fortress

A Fortress For The Lost

18 October
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Sometimes I feel like this is all pointless and then other times I see the beauty that goes unnoticed. Sometimes it is a battle just to take another breath and then there are times when I sit and listen to my heart beat. I love to listen to thunderstorms, and I love to see lightning flash through the sky, and I revel in the soft raindrops splashing upon my upturned face. To see a rainbow will make me smile, and seeing an eagle sour through the sky makes my heart join him. The smell of freshly mowed grass, morning dew, warm cookies, and the smell of motor oil settles my heart. Riding with the wind on top of a horse makes my spirit free for then nothing can touch me. This is me...take me as you will. But if you love me love me for what I am, not for what I am not.